Arizona Department of Economic Security 

Contracting with the state Department of Economic Security, the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness provides advocacy, public awareness, information dissemination and education related to homelessness in Arizona.

Arizona Department of Education

Through shared sponsorship with Arizona Department of Education’s Coordination of Homeless Education of the annual statewide conference on homelessness, the Arizona Department of Education’s Coordination of Homeless Education Office collaborates with AZCEH by developing a specific “Homeless School Liaison” workshop track at the conference.  Across the U.S. and in Arizona, each school district must designate a Homeless School Liaison to assist and coordinate educational opportunities for students experiencing homelessness.  Working in close collaboration with AZCEH, the ADOE State Homeless Coordinator helps plan, recruits speakers, develops trainings, promotes, covers the costs for printing and reproduction costs associated with the conference and pays for Homeless School Liaisons from across the state to attend the Coalition’s annual statewide conference on Homelessness, as well as paying for printing and reproduction costs associated with the conference. 

ASU-Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy

Partnering with ASU’s Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy  (CABHP), the Arizona Coalition convenes its members to review CABHP student field placements (including internships, externships, practica, etc.) within Coalition member agencies.  Additionally, the Center co-hosts the annual AZCEH Conference by defraying costs associated with securing keynote speakers, assists with conference registration, faculty presentations and student engagement (poster session; conference volunteers, etc.) at the event.

t3: think, teach, transform

Center for Social Innovation’s t³: Think, Teach, Transform – Collaborating with T3, the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness is able to offer its members a wealth of trainings and literature on implementing solutions to end homelessness for a discounted rate. 

100,000 Homes

Community Solution’s 100K Homes Campaign – The 100,000 Homes Campaign brings together change agents from across the country to find and house 100,000 of the country’s most vulnerable and long-term homeless individuals and families by July 2013.  In January 2010, AZCEH formally enrolled in the 100,000 Homes Campaign.  In April 2010, over 163 community volunteers participated in Survey Week for Project H3: Home, Health, Hope; the Maricopa County initiative of the campaign. Through this partnership, the Coalition is part of a national movement supported by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, Corporation for Supportive Housing, the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, Fannie Mae and other national partners working together to end homelessness.  AZCEH takes advantage of the wealth of knowledge and resources shared through change agents from across the country and have the ability to tap into tremendous opportunities for public relations and media coverage of this partnership in our work locally.  Additionally, the Coalition is able to access financial resource opportunities from Community Solutions and other national partners for work associated with the campaign.

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